About Us

We offer the bold and beautiful, classic and modern solutions for your homes. We guarantee you that finishing touch that says one thing: Artemistone.

About Us

We are a company with global availability, increasingly attracting adiverse clientele, since our establishment in 2009.
With twelve years’ experience under our belts and countless clients and customers in our sphere of business we serve to offer you an experience, unparalleled in regard to service, reliability, range, and compatibility.
We handle some of the best materials the stone industry has to offer, including the two most popular, prestigious marble used in homes: Calacatta and Carrara quartz. Quarried in the mountains of Carrara Italy, these marbles offer between themselves the daring drama of wide, dark veining or the soothing subtlety of very fine, delicate viens that fade gently into the background.

What We Do

We take aim in supplying our wide-ranging, exquisite selection of wholesale quartz stone that is as affordable as it is quality. Our generous collection is available in a range of colours, textures, styles and thickness making it the ideal choice for a variety of applications such as, kitchen and bathroom vanities and counters, as well as custom solutions for home and commercial interiors.
Beside from being positively beautiful, our Quartz is versatile, durable, and easy to maintain, rendering it the perfect solution for all your decorative needs.

How It's Done

We are the wholesalers sourcing the very best materials out there; the latest, trendiest designs; the widest possible range of texture and colour before distributing worldwide. We are always one step ahead with designs and technology.
We are luxurious but cost-effective. Popular but personal. We aren’t unique in this trade but we are Artemistone.

About Our Products

Quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen, is the second most abundant natural mineral found on earth. It has also become the most popular material used for kitchen counters, and for good reason, as besides for its alleged healing powers of mind body and soul, it is also a low-maintenance, non-porous stone which surpasses granite, marble and concrete in many ways, including its resistance to heat and staining.
Another major benefit of the classic quartz stone is its durability and resistance, making it an effortlessly long-lasting and generously cost-effective choice for your homes. With its rich selection of different shades and texture, and its naturally occurring glossy sheen, our quartz stone assures you the trendiest, reliable, universally unique kitchens and bathrooms you’ve always dreamed of, with the quality and service that only we can offer.

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