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We are a company with global availability, increasingly attracting adiverse clientele, since our establishment in 2009.
With twelve years’ experience under our belts and countless clients and customers in our sphere of business we serve to offer you an experience, unparalleled in regard to service, reliability, range, and compatibility.


Kitchens are amongst the most elaborate and complex rooms in the house. They integrate numerous technical elements and often require various distinct trade and design skills to create them. Regardless of whether you are renovating your kitchen using an interior designer or an architect, putting it together yourself or working with kitchen studios, we guarantee an enjoyable experience when working on your kitchen. Providing you with advice, inspiration, and information, we are here to cater for your every need when purchasing.

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About Us

We are proud to say that we have been designing and manufacturing premium surfaces for over ten years. Our purpose is to exceed the limits and push the envelope when it comes to performance factors and the aesthetic attributes of our products. We firmly believe that choosing a quartz surface is an expressive journey and an artistic voyage. Our contemporary colour range consists of a plethora of colours tailored to suit any demand and have been carefully curated to complement all types of interior projects. Utilising our years of experience and innate passion for quartz surfaces, creating a utopian paradise in your home has never been easier. The multitude of colours we provide possess a unique flavour and radiate a sense of movement to create an unforgettable atmosphere worth showing off to your guests. Blending exciting innovation with expert craftsmanship is our gift and we will never fail to help you create the masterpiece you have always dreamed of creating.

What We Do

What We Do

Artemistone is a rapidly growing company with global availability, an increasingly diverse clientele, and a burning desire to give our customers a luxurious service at a reasonable price. The idea behind creating Artemistone was to offer an unparalleled experience when it came to service, reliability, range, and compatibility. Fast forward ten years, and we still refuse to compromise on that ideology

Planning Your Perfect Surface

Allowing yourself to get carried away by the functionality or durability of the surface when selecting the perfect colour for you is an easy thing to do. Despite these factors being important and the key to creating a stable and successful base for your kitchen, over-emphasis means you may elude the arcadian pleasures of artful designing. Establishing a dazzling interior must be the first thing that you think about, as it is not something that can be returned to later. We routinely experience clients who find it difficult to express creativity as their main choices have already been made. Whilst possible to invigorate and animate a scheme with additional colour, to express real singularity and creative spirit for your space these decisions must be made at the forefront of your mind. Now is a time for daring decisions to be made. For us all to ignite the creative flame within and identify imaginative solutions for the challenges we may be facing.

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